Why is responsive design so important?!

We judge people according to their appearance and evaluate books according to their cover. The first impression is very important, especially if the focus is on our own company. Your company website is very often responsible for the first impression of your company.

Every visitor increases the traffic of the website and can be your potential customer. Nowadays everybody has a mobile phone or tablet with the possibility to surf on the internet. Therefore, your website is often visited using mobile phones or tablets. That is why it is very important that you meet the requirements of your visitors.  One of the most important trend you should definitely follow is to have a website with responsive design. That shows your visitors that you are professional, future-oriented and up-to-date. A website with responsive design makes it possible for the user to read and use your website easily. That increases the usability, hence your visitors will stay on your website longer. The „bounce rate“ will be reduced and the satisfaction of the visitors increased. 

A website with responsive design is also much easier to find. Google prefers in the ranking of websites the ones with responsive design. Therefore, responsive design is essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well.

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